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Do you want to know what people are saying about AM Health & Fitness programs and Althea?

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We were very impressed with your program

L.A. Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

Ms. Althea: In China we can’t get programs such as Facebook, Linkedin, and others without a special software. I have friends who come to my apartment and we sometimes view your videos. Most of my friends are local people who are from my English corner. We exchange language and your program they watch for practicing their skills. Many of my friends are into physical fitness. At this point I can’t offer any criticism on your program. The only problem sometimes is on my end with the connections. I do follow you on Facebook and Youtube.

Said A.

When my middle school daughter came to me and asked for some guidance on eating and exercise to get into shape, I knew the importance of getting her professional instruction. Having been injured with prior trainers myself, I wasn’t about to put my daughter in a position of getting hurt or being misinformed. Althea’s years of experience as an Olympic athlete and world class track and field athlete gave me comfort in knowing that my daughter would get the physical training to immediately get into shape and the knowledge-base for healthy living habits to last the rest of her life. After just a few months in, the results are clear – she’s healthier and happier than she’s ever been.

Pete Brown

Thanks for all your hard work, Althea!

AlieenVartanian (Ready, Set, Gold!)

I’m so motivated by your radio talk show… very informational. I thank you. Since listening to you… It’s been two weeks since I started going to the gym – Monday thru Friday… putting in an hour and a half each day. I feel great and now like I’m actually living…. for the longest I felt I didn’t have a purpose honestly! All this week I plan on walking 15 blocks to and from the gym instead of driving. Little did you know…You make such difference in one’s life and I’m grateful. Truly I am!

Melanie M.

Althea I’m amazed at your athletic fitness and sharing this gift with others to help to remind and prepare us some of the 1st step to health begin with fitness. Salutes.

Austin Yearwood

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for your acknowledgement of me, several times this past month. I was very humbled and flattered by your sincerity. I enjoy listening to your radio show, weekly, and all the health related topics on self improvement. I wish I could make your radio program “required” listening for the young ladies on my track team, but for now all I can do is suggest. I want you to know, “you are a “CLASS ACT” and “INSPIRATION” to so many people”.

Patrick McAndrew

I love your radio topic, today, about blood pressure and high risk ofhaving a stroke; and I’m glad to start my strength training for a better healthier and longer life. Thank you so much for your love and care about my health.It is appreciated.


The video (Girl Scouts performing ALTHEA on stage) is EXCEPTIONAL!!! That’s because of who is leading it.

BernardineBednarz (Ready, Set, Gold! Program)

Thank you, again for coming out to our fledging Relay for Life and giving it your all. I realized afterward that we should have had this rigorous activity earlier in the morning, but some of the folks really hung in there, despite the heat. I spoke with most of them afterward and they definitely felt challenged.

Jeanne Kuntz (Relay for Life event - Mar Vista)

Never miss a step. Great achievement and History making.

Frankie Buckley

Althea, I am determined to get my abs to look like yours.

Dianne Shorte

You go girlfriend! That’s great! Come teach that (Punta Rock dance/fitness class) on Maui!

Linda Green

I wish I was not so far I would take your class (Punta Rock dance/fitness).

LaTanya Hopkins

Foshay LOVES Althea Moses!!! She inspired and motivated them to do things they didn’t want to do… She provided them an experience they will never forget! Thank you Ms. Moses. We’re sad our time this year is over. Hope to see you later.

Jasmine Tigolo

The kids love you! Thank you for letting them shine!! It is always cool to see you walk on campus.

Vanessa Rickmon

I’m very inspired by your work ethic!

Scot B.

Keep up the great work…sis…..blessed to know you.

Monique Shores

You still got it or it never left… you’re Fast.

F. Buckley

You are the best!

Diana Vela


Freda Morris

Awesome Lady doing awesome things!

Linda LaPointe

Althea….How R U Gorgeous Lady!!!…It’s good to see U in the mix!!!…doing what U do Best!!!!…&…Looking good doing it!!!!

Jameel Rasheed

Your video is awesome! You’re so beautiful, creative, and care about people. I pray your fitness tour is a success. I’m looking forward to your ALTHEA fitness presentations in Philadelphia.

Lisa Michaels

One could only imagine… I’m so very proud of you sis. Congrats to you as well on being a great role model… Keep up the good work!

Mel M.

You are an inspiration of accomplishment. We are all proud of you.


You are so pretty, Althea and ageless! Good for you!

Rose Adkins

A Champion for ALL times. Much Love from Team Let’s Move! West LA U are unstoppable.

Johnell Sharp

40 Fit and Fabulous!

Dianne Nicholson

You look great Althea!!!

Ari Hemel

Wow so proud of you doing big things.

Tony Knox

Good, very good I enjoyed your radio show.

Timothy Walker

You are very remarkable and people in my network admires you.

Said A.

You look like you’re still in 10th or 11th grade; you look very good.

Duron C.

Wow Althea you look at least 15 years younger. You look great. Althea you are truly a very remarkable lady.”

Said Abdulhakim Mohammad Al-Khalidin

You were just so enthusiastic about what you’re doing that you were radiating!  I am at a place right now where I am seeking that kind of light and spark about my work, so I was inspired…one never knows how their light touches another.  I often think of how when you’re in a room that is the darkest of dark, one small match can make a world of difference and that’s how your presentation was for me.  I wanted that spark and I was SO grateful for seeing that spark in action.  Yep…simple as that!

Dr. Kim Howell

Hey Althea just wanted to Thank You for being a good friend and also being a inspiration in my life…I truly admire how you’ve stayed in shape ALL these years and that you are inspiring others to bring Sexy Back…I love you my friend God Bless you and keep up the good work!

Kamtoy B.

Althea is a great personal trainer. She is very knowledgeable and is a great example of a person who practices healthy holistic living. Althea shows great care for those she works with to help obtain health.

Angela Jackson

Being healthy and fit has been a priority in my life for many years now. I am always looking for new ways to not only challenge myself to greater health but also looking to bridge the gaps between health and fitness. Althea is one of the few fitness experts that I know (and I know quite a few) that has spent the time to investigate the proper foods and supplements that support a healthy mind, body, and spirit as well as stay on top of the latest exercise techniques. She understands the completeness of how to exercise for fitness and nourish the mind and spirit. If you want to get in shape, feel and look good, she is the one.

Kashif (Six-time Grammy-nominated R&B Music Legend)

As President of UCLA Black Alumni Assoc, it has been a pleasure to work with Althea to improve the quality of life of our members. Althea has selflessly given her time pro bona to train the organization how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a result, the great majority of the members are out exercising or have taken up a activity that allows them to move around and stay healthy. My hat’s off to her for her wonderful giving heart and sharing her vast knowledge as a former Olympic athlete.

Kevin Harbour (President of UCLA Black Alumni Assoc.)

Althea’s fitness training program has started me on my way to bring sexy back.

Kamtoy Bryant

Althea is an amazing entrepreneur, business woman and fitness expert. She is very dedicated, focused and passionate about life and everything she does. Her commitment to health and fitness is outstanding and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to focus on improving their overall health and well-being.

Vickie Thome

Althea is very professional, result driven and helps to inspire people to Reach their potential or goals.

Sharon Harrison

Althea is a consummate professional who gives attention to detail. She focuses on results and enjoys helping people reach their potential.

Karen Sykes

Althea practices what she preaches. She is an outstanding professional!

Virginia Lawrence

Althea is a consummate professional in everything that she touches. Very business and detailed oriented. It is a pleasure working with her in every capacity.

Linda LaPointe

I have know Althea Moses for several years now, and can vouch for her integrity, knowledge, and professionalism. She is dedicated to health and well-being and walks her talk.

Dr. Nancy B. Irwin, Los Angeles, CA

A very intelligent, hardworking and astute Business Professional.

B. Roy Davidson

You are stunning, looking healthy then and now! The resemblances between the two ladies (Michelle Obama & Althea Moses) are the abs bodies. Both ladies are intelligent and they’re beautifully great persons.

Patricia Winters

We were so proud of you then and still are !!!!!

Barbara Frazier

Girl U look good then and u still look good. WELL DONE.

Renee Thigpen

Althea, I remember when you were one of the BEST! Guess what? You still are!!!!!

Franzwah E.

Lots of hard work…

Devon Banks

Hello Althea, I think you are a double for Michelle! As I told you when I first saw you. Great Body Beauty!


Check you out girl. And u still got it.

Aaron Lacy

Absolutely! Beautiful lady then and now!

Linda Gordon

Very hot, then & now!!!

Silvia Mendoza

Michelle doesn’t have your fabulous body, but in beauty, yes you do resemble each other.

Nicole Tarver

Hey sis, keep it up you’re looking good as always, now see if I would of never cut the field during PE in Mrs. Ellis class at Monroe, I would look 50 lbs smaller..LOL but you were always energetic. Love you Althea!!!!

Alilia V.

I’m proud of you Althea, let God bless the rest of your successes…

Benyam Zewdie

Now this is to my girl Althea Moses. Everyone knows she was the baddest runner/triple jumper. She was a state champion in the triple jump, 3rd in the state in 800 meters and was a proud member of the 4×400 relays. The Pride of Belize – Olympian and still working it out even today. You know everyone remembers you! Althea…. we all saw that in you that day and though not a win you proved you were a champion.

Joseph Nelson

When I get back from Belize I need you to work with me.

Euan Wade

Keep up the good work!

R Lee Walker

You have the Michelle Obama arms. You go, girl!

FJ-Patter -Son

Your book is special.

R. Lee

I wish I looked like that…WOW!!

Zenobia Easley

Continue the good work.

Roy Lee

Althea, you are one of a kind!!! 🙂

Edna Peters

You rock Althea!!

Joleigh Sherwood

Awesome contribution!

Linda G.

You look amazing in your commercial!! Great job!

Julya Tran

Good Job and great video, Althea. I must make it down there one of these days.

Maureen Cattouse


Joan Morris

Althea…you look great! Glad to see you doing so well!

Karen Marie

Your a blessing, congrats!

Lynette Gayle

Congrats, Althea, and good job!

Kim Dumas

I’m so glad you started your health & fitness business, so can train me on how to make my body look like at least a quarter of what yours look like.

Carol L.